Publicize Crash Course: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

Bloggers out there are wondering why their work isn’t gaining the attention they feel it deserves, but little do they know that the publicity is just a few clicks away. If bloggers choose to use the WordPress platform for inking their creative genius, there are tools that connect WordPress blogs to social media accounts—allowing blogs to access to millions of potential followers. We have talked a lot in class about the intentions of the internet to create a community and the desire for interconnectedness, and now more than ever are we connected to one another, and we are brought especially close through internet webs of connectivity such social media accounts, blogs, etc.
The opening line of the post sort of reminds me of my English Lit class and Percy Shelley’s desire for followers of his poetry. It’s cool to see that over the course of however many years it’s been since Percy Shelley was alive and well and writing, gaining “followers” through marketing your work has remained a constant. WordPress has all different sorts of tools that access your social media accounts and publicize your work; especially useful if you are trying to gain readership. If only Shelley had a Twitter…

The Blog

“I’m publishing posts every day, but where are my readers?”

While there’s no exact science to successfully building a readership, you have a number of built-in tools on to share your work with the world. Our advice? Hook up your various social accounts to and let us do the rest. We want to emphasize, especially to our newest users, that no blog is an island. Clicking Publish is just the first step, and sharing your work across the internet is key to expanding your audience.

What is Publicize?

With Publicize, you can automatically push out your new posts to social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.


Connecting to your accounts is easy, and you can select which ones to link to your account. To get started, head over to Settings → Sharing. At the top of the page, you’ll see the options pictured…

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