Photography in the Age of Snapchat and Smartphones

I think this is an interesting piece because I agree that there is a difference between traditional photography and photography as a means of communication. Snapchat is interesting, because while I don’t use it, I know my friends utilize it’s unique ability to tell a story. When you think about photos of the past, and when you’re looking at old photos, memories of the stories of those days past come to life. Snapchat takes that idea and transforms the memories and the stories to the here and now. Also, I feel like I should add in that Snapchat isn’t the “video that killed the radio star,” in that Snapchat isn’t killing off traditional photography. Snapchat is adding to the uniqueness of photography and only enhances the art form.

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Part 1: Autograph Hunting

Donell NixonDarren Lewiscaldwell

Between the ages of 10 and 16, I was an avid collector of baseball autographs. Since I was a kid without money, this meant I was actually getting the autographs from the players: doing my homework to know who might be where, being adequately prepared with the correct baseball card,* always carrying a spare ball,** learning how to recognize players without relying on the uniform, drumming up the courage to approach and ask them.

*I was good at this. Whether it was having a Mike Sadek card handy for the free Giants’ clinic at the local park, a Mario Mendoza card for when the minor league team he was managing came through San José, or a Mike Caldwell card for when his Campbell Fighting Camels got assigned to the Stanford Regional.

**Important. I obviously specialized in the more obscure players. But having a ball in…

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